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How to Obtain the Divorce Records

People go about obtaining divorce records the same way they would with any other vital records. Located in the vital records office in the county courthouse where the divorce was settled, the divorce records are generally easy to access. Depending on the state or county where the divorce was settled, the lawyer or attorney responsible for the divorce case gives a copy of the divorce records to the former couple and also keeps one for his or her own records. As a result, it’s easy for the lawyer or attorney to look up information about the divorce should the need arise. Private vendors working online also have access to divorce records and can send them through the Internet to whoever requests a copy.

People can also visit the state or county courthouse where their divorce was settled to get a copy of the divorce records but this copy will be a paper copy rather than an electronic version. Some people prefer this option because they end up with a tangible copy that they can hold in their hands. Not everyone can receive a copy of divorce records from a courthouse though, only a few people are granted that permission, including the former couple and any person who has a court order that grants them permission to receive a copy. Before obtaining divorce records from a courthouse, you’ll be asked to show identification in two forms, a photo ID and two utility bills or a letter from the government.

There’s also the option of requesting divorce records by phone or by mail and each option differs in price. Phone and Internet orders are the most expensive option when it comes to obtaining divorce records but are arguably the most convenient, easiest ways to get what you need.



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