Learning About People By Reading Divorce Records

Article summary: A person’s marital history can predict their future. You can learn more about a person’s past by searching their divorce records.

Keeping up divorce records keeps clerks at county and state offices busy. If you believe the statistics, one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. Some counties may file more divorce records than marriage licenses. Divorce records are important vital records because they show a pattern of what a person has done in the past. What can divorce records indicate?

  • Many people get married young and find that it was a mistake. The divorce records will show the length of the marriage. If a person has only been divorced once when they were young, most likely they don’t have a pattern or instability.

  • Divorce records can indicate if a person has been married multiple times. Sometimes prospective suitors will lie to prospective husband and wives about their past, indicating they have been married once, maybe twice. However a search of vital records shows they have been married six times! Learning the truth by researching someone’s divorce records can show a pattern of instability in relationships.

  • Divorce records often contain accusations about what went on in the marriage. If a person was violent or cheated, this may be contained in the narrative. However, some spouses are known to make false accusations. You may want to read the entire record, including the disposition, to find out of the accusations made in the initial filing are true.

  • If children were involved in a divorce, the custody arrangement will be listed in the final divorce records. Again, some people may deny they have had children to boyfriends or girlfriends. If there as a nasty custody battle, much of the information will be written in the divorce records.

  • You can learn more about a person’s background by reading their divorce records. Since the records are filed in civil court and contain details, some may include family information, where the person was born, how much money they make and their past employment.

Divorces are granted in all 50 states. If are not sure where a divorce was filed, how can you find a divorce record. You know you can search online, but some small county courthouses do not list records online. Online record search companies spend hours scouring county courthouses and online directories from Alaska to Georgia to prepare vital records. The hard work means you can search divorce records from any state by clicking on just one website.

Using an online record search company to find vital records is easy. You type in the information and the records are searched. If the person’s name is common—like “John Smith,” you may have to add more information - if you have it - like a date of birth or address to find the accurate record.

Going online to search for divorce records can save you time and money. You will be able to find out the information you need without leaving home. And if you are looking for just one divorce record, you can pay less than $10.


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