Mobile People Make Divorce Records Hard to Find

Article Summary: Since many people move from town to town, they often leave a trail or records behind. Online searches for a divorce record are the quickest way to find out the information you need.

Just 30 years ago, many people grew up in a town, married there, raised a family there and often died there. Finding county vital records about a person was easy when people weren’t so mobile.

Today, many people meet potential mates online. That person may live in another town and so one person moves away from home to marry. Unfortunately, they often divorce. If you are looking for a divorce record of an old friend from college or high school, you often will not find it in the county courthouse in the area where they lived as a child. A divorce record is filed in the county where you were living at the time of the break-up. So a person could get married in their hometown, but divorce in another part of the country.

So how do you find a divorce record easily, cheaply and quickly? Driving from county to county is out of the question. You want to be discreet in your search for vital records, so you don’t want to call friends and family asking questions. What are your options?

An online records search company lists vital records from all 50 states and in some cases, the U.S. territories. What are the advantages of searching online?

  • As mentioned above, you can be discreet. Often you are suspicious of your sister’s new boyfriend who is middle age and claims to have never been married. Or you know he was divorced and you want to know how that marriage ended. You can search for his divorce record online and find out what happened in his past.

  • You don’t have to guess the county where the divorce record was filed. When you add the information into the search engine, you will see a listing of places where records are available which reflects the different communities where the person lived. You can search the communities for the divorce record. This saves you time from driving county to county hoping that is where the divorce occurred.

  • Searching online is inexpensive. Most one time searches for a divorce record is less than $10. If for any reason you want to search several vital records, you can purchase a “package” that allows unlimited searching. These packages can cost less than $100. Compare that to the cost of driving from place to place just hoping the divorce record is there and you can see that using an online records search company is a bargain.

Companies that provide online vital record searches work to make sure the information is as accurate as possible. But sometimes records are filed wrong in the county clerk’s office, not filed at all or are lost. You have an advantage if you find out that the record is not there before your drive there. Searching online for a divorce record gives you that advantage.


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