Why You May Need Divorce Records

Article summary: There are many reasons why a person may need divorce records. An online records search company is the easiest way to find these records.

Divorce is a private, personal decision that unfortunately is recorded for everyone to see in county courthouses across the state. Many people who love to gossip love to hear the dirty details of a divorce. But there are some legitimate reasons for needing divorce records.

  • You are going to remarry and you need a copy of your divorce decree. In many states, you must provide proof a previous divorce before you can marry. If you don’t have these vital records filed at home, you will have to contact the county where you were divorced.

  • Your ex spouse has take out credit cards in your name and the creditors are calling you for payment. In most cases, you will need a copy of the divorce records to show that you are no longer married to him or her.

  • Your children by your ex spouse are enrolling in school and you need to show the divorce records to prove that you can pick them up from school. This can be a sticky situation and often the divorce records are not enough. You may have to produce other vital records such as birth certificates.

  • Police and private detectives pilfer through divorce records to learn more about the person they are investigating. Often the divorce settlement papers will provide an accurate picture of the person’s character. For example, if the person showed emotional instability and this was ground for divorce, this information can play a part in settling another divorce. If there are claims of violence, this background information can serve as evidence. In police investigations, detectives often sift through divorce records to find ex spouses to question about a suspect’s history.

  • You may wonder if you new spouse ever divorced their ex. Polygamy is illegal in most states. However some people have married others thinking the divorce was final. In rare cases, this is an innocent legal snafu. More often than not, a person will deliberately commit polygamy because they want to hold on to both people.

If you need divorce records, you can find them online. Many counties, even some large ones, do not have this information on the Internet, even though it is public record. Your best bet in locating divorce records is to use an online records search company. These companies can provide the information quicker than searching through county archives online or at the courthouse. What are the advantages?

  1. Cost. Most individual vital records searches cost less than $10. If you need to search more county records you can purchase a plan that allows unlimited searches. Some of these plans are less than $100.

  2. Records from all 50 states can be found on if you use an online records search company. This is helpful if you don’t know which state the divorce occurred. You don’t have to call or look up a ton of government vital records sites.

You don’t have to be a computer genius to look up records online. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the site and you will have the divorce records you need.


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