County courts maintain details on all the divorce cases filed within a respective county. These records are updated daily and can be accessed online in most cases. Rather than spend a day at your county courthouse, you can request and pay for copies of divorce records online.

State and county courts are authorized to hear divorce cases. Seldom does a federal court hear a divorce case. A marriage can only be dissolved by legal adjudication. We can help you find a local divorce court to better prepare for what could be an emotionally charged ordeal.

While some websites and judicial databases charge nominal fees to retrieve or search for divorce records, at our search functions are completely free. We can help you find all the divorce documentation you need, for free. Finding records, downloading forms, and verifying records can all be done online. Divorce records are subject to public domain and, by all rights, can be accessed at no cost.

Divorce is difficult to understand. There is a legal definition and a common perception and sometimes they are at odds. What you might expect to be the case during a divorce preceding often is not the case. The catty glamour of divorce portrayed on television is seldom the reality. We can help you understand what divorce entails and what is means for you from a legal standpoint.

Divorce is a matter for the states. As such, divorce records can be searched by state. This is our most popular search and can get you the documents you need in a timely manner. Though you can search by county, it doesn't occur to most people to remember the county their divorce was filed in. Our network of state divorce records is incredibly accurate and updated daily.

Divorce is not just a court proceeding. It is a life change that has been likened to surviving a death in the family or the loss of a home. Healing takes time and we are committed to helping you through a periphery of blogs, out reach programs, and more. Getting back to normal takes time, especially if there are children involved. Get the support your need and deserve.

Searching for divorce records can be problematic. At, we have designed a seamless integration of divorce-related databases that can scour state and county court records. We can help you search by name, date of filing, address, and case numbers or any and all combinations these factors. Find marriage annulments, divorce decrees, and child custody records online.