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Alabama County Divorce Records

To get the proper idea of the wanted divorce record, first you have to make sure that the information you have given is correct about the divorce like the husband's name, wife's name and the date or year of the divorce. If you don't have the exact time, you have to give time duration of the divorce. The more exact information you give the more exact return you will get. If you have the information about the middle initials, this will help us to provide you the best results. The charge to find the divorce results of Alabama is $35, but the state can change the charge any time. For the updated pricing list, you can log onto any website of us. The price list is updated daily.

When order Alabama county divorce records, you will get an option for receiving the copy via mail. If you want the records in hard copy, you have pay $ 2 extra per page after the first 3 pages. This additional charge is applied for the thorough search over the counties if you are unable to give the exact time and date of the divorce case.

If the records are filed within the past 15 years, it is easily accessible. Divorce records over the 15 years are called archived divorce records and then the extra fee is charged to search the result. But we will inform you in advance that your records are not found easily and we are going to search it thoroughly. So an extra charge is going to charge from your credit card. Whenever during the search you will provide any extra information that will be very much helpful for us in the search. The delivery of the records may take long time as this depends on the availability of the court records and the work pressure of the Alabama court system. Generally it takes 7 to 10 days to confirm whether any divorce case was filed or not. Then it will take another two weeks to prepare the copy of the divorce records if it is requested, otherwise we will send it by mail or by fax.

The following is the list of information you to conduct a successful search:

  •     Either former spouse's full name
  •     Date and time of the divorce
  •     Your relation of the divorced with you
  •     Purpose of your request

Search County by County throughout the State of Alabama

Generally the divorce records are made up with two parts. A divorce decree is a statement of the rights and duties of the both parties. It is a final summarized document stating the basic information of the divorce, the involved parties, the divorce date, the case number and the terms of the case. The divorce records are the legal pages of the divorce. For a complex divorce record, the pages can be two hundred long. To receive exact results what you can do is to provide huge information as you can.

You must provide the following information:

  •     Your full name and address
  •     Your contact phone number
  •     Mailing address to send the copy of the records.
  •     The type of records you are requesting

If you are requesting a hard copy of the decree or the divorce record, please make sure that the mailing address provided by you is fully correct and up to date. Once the hard copy of the report sent to you, only a photocopy of the record is kept to us in the office file. You will receive an e-mail stating that the record is mailed to you and when you are going to receive it. It is to be further noted that the information you are going to receive is depends purely on the information you provided to us. Our services are only to provide you with the best of our searches that you need. But we cannot give you any guarantee if the information comes incomplete or inaccurate.