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Florida County Divorce Records

The easiest way to get a divorce record under the jurisdiction of Florida is to securely request Florida county divorce records free of cost and within a short span of time. Do you want to verify that a divorce that was filed or finalized in the State of Florida was due to any religious, legal, genealogical or any journalistic reason? You have to search for the online divorce record. The related websites will help you to get the copy of the divorce records. This website can provide divorce decrees and records from almost every state in the U.S. To get a copy of any divorce decree, our researchers will go to the city or county of Florida where the divorce was filed.

The Florida divorce section offers a professional directory of the divorce lawyers, mediators, counselors, financial planners and other divorce professionals. You can find articles on child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and property and debt division. This collection will be very helpful for gaining a fair concept about the unique features to the divorce laws, process and paperwork that is filed and finalized in the court of Florida. Here the petitioner or the filing party is the spouse who is initiating the divorce by filing the required papers to the court.

The respondent is the non-filing party who does not initiate the separation. The title and name of the legal document that is the Florida Divorce Process and the spouse initiating the divorce process is required to submit the respondent a copy of this document. That means the respondent will also be the owner of the copy of this legal document. If, in distant future any problem arises, the respondent may take any legal step. The judge, master or the referee who will declare the dissolution of the marriage will duly sign the legal document. In Florida the spouse may file any document claiming the separate maintenance of the child. It is to be noted that all the property will be equitably distributed among the two according to the Florida property law.

The letter of the petition for the dissolution of the marriage is the main document of the divorce case. In this document the filing spouse will request the court to legally terminate the marriage with some certain and particular grounds. It is mandatory to occur the following facts:

  • The complete breakdown of the marriage
  • The mental incapability of one of the spouses

Every divorce cases that are filed under the jurisdiction of the Florida court must have adequate grounds to grant the request of the dissolution. The grounds on which the dissolution of the marriage is going to be happened must be substantiated with the submission of the proper legal documents, evidence or testimonials. Otherwise the court may duly dismiss the divorce request. So it is very much important for you to be fully aware about the rules and the regulations of the divorce system.

Search for Divorce Records County by County

There are some documents that the court needs to initiate and finalize the process of the divorce, among them:

  • Florida Filling Instructions
  • Petition for the divorce
  • Marital settlement Agreement
  • Schedule for the visitation
  • Family court Information Sheet
  • Request for Notice
  • Affidavit of Appearance and Waiver of Rights
  • Decree of Divorce
  • Stipulation to Incorporate Settlement Agreement
  • Affidavit of Children's Rights
  • Custody Separate Statement
  • Non-Military Affidavit (if appropriate)
  • Financial Report
  • Child Support Calculation Worksheet

The following is the list of information we need to conduct the search of the divorces of Florida:

  • The Husband's full name
  • The wife's full name
  • The date and time of the divorce
  • The relation of the divorced with you
  • The purpose of your request

Generally the divorce records are made up with two parts, the divorce decree and the divorce records. A divorce decree is a statement of the rights and duties of the both parties. It is a final summarized document stating the basic information of the divorce, the involved parties, the divorce date, the case number and the terms of the case. The divorce records are the legal pages of the divorce. For a complex divorce record, the pages can be two hundred long. To receive exact results what you can do is to provide huge information as you can.

You must provide the following information:

  • Your full name and address
  • Your contact number for any type of queries related with the divorce
  • The proper mailing address to send the copy of the records
  • The type of records needed whether in hard copy or via mail
But recently, it has become difficult to find Florida's Divorce records online for some unwanted reason. So, for the time being it is your best option to search it via any private divorce records website which will allow you to do it free. Besides, you can get the results within 15 seconds. So, don't waste your time if you have any urge to find any record.