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Hawaii County Divorce Records

The easiest way to find any divorce records of Hawaii County in a fraction of second is to search  Hawaii county divorce records. If you feel the need to verify any divorce record about its filing and finalizing date, whether it was filed for any religious, legal, genealogical or journalistic reasons, you can log onto any sites that offer the records online. There are many sites to provide the divorce records of Hawaii County online. Out of thousands of divorce records search services that are available online; you have to choose out the best. We have developed our services for your help.

There are some ways to apply for the online divorce records if you want to have it in a paper copy. All the applications requesting the copy of divorce requires a written copy as it can be downloaded from the websites also. Requests for birth and marriage certificate can be placed on a limited basis through the Internet. The request placed over the telephone, FAX or e-mail is not accepted. Fees for the copies of divorce are identical: $10.00 for the first copy of each certificate and $4.00 for each of the additional copy of the same ordered at the same time.

Search For Divorce Records County by County

It is $1.50 for the request of one that is the first copy of the certificate after finding the same. If the copy is not found, the charge will be taken for the search. It will be $ 0.25 for each additional copy of the same certificate that has been ordered at the same time.

Cash except for the applications in postal mail may pay the fees. The fees may also be paid in money order, certified check or cashier's check. The money order or check should be addressed in favor of the State Department of Health.

The fees for the request made through Internet will be charged to the credit card. All fees paid for the certified copies of divorce in advance will not be refunded if the record is not found. The charge is then covering the search for the records of divorce. Once an order has been placed and processed, $10.00 fee will be charged for any request to make any changes to the order.

While applying personally, the person must show a valid id issued by the government, such as state id or driver license. The copy of any divorce is not issued on the same day. Only in the case of written application in case of any urgency, it is being considered. The normal time for delivering the certified copies is ten days. But it may take longer time if the records are very old and it may take long time to search it. When applying by mail, the applicant must include his or her photo id issued by the government or driving license. It is to be informed that any personal check will be returned to the applicant. The information to be given by the applicant is as follows:

  •     Applicant's name, address, and telephone number(s)
  •     Applicant's relationship to the person named on the certificate
  •     Reason why you are requesting the certificate
  •     Full name(s) as listed on the certificate
  •     The certificate's file number (if known)
  •     Month, day, and year of the event
  •     City or town and the island where the event occurred

For birth certificates, also provide the full name of the father and the full maiden name of the mother.

If you are applying for a certificate on behalf of someone else, you must provide an original letter signed by that person authorizing the release of their certificate to you. In order to get the most accurate result of the search, you have to collect some basic information about the person. If you have the name of the person you are looking for, you can start your search by entering the name first. But if you only have the person's phone number or license plate number, then you have to first do the reverse look up for the person's name and address. Then you can perform the search better.

This information is wanted to locate the record easily and to establish the applicant's interest for finding the record. A letter of verification may be sent by the issuing authority for verifying the data of the records, as there may be two or more persons of the same name and address. So, to verify the records a letter of verification is sent to the applicant. But it is guaranteed that any personal information that is private is not expressed in that letter if the request is placed for that.