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Indiana County Divorce Records

The easiest way to get a divorce record under the jurisdiction of Indiana is to securely search Indiana county divorce records for free. Do you want to verify that a divorce that was filed or finalized in the State of Indiana was due to any religious, legal, genealogical or any journalistic reason? You have to search for the online divorce record. The related websites will help you to get the copy of the divorce records. This website can provide divorce decrees and records from almost every state in the U.S. To get a copy of any divorce decree, our researchers will go to the city or county of Indiana where the divorce was filed.

Some state specific divorce laws mainly govern divorce. This implies that the laws for one state may not be same for the other state. So it is expected that you should focus on the specific laws imposed for the specific state to which you belong. One may find the laws are similar to one state to another, but the issues like the filling process, the title of the documents, child support, and the ground of the divorce may be utterly different.

Divorce records refers to the information that has been recorded by the local, State, federal or other Govt. agencies such as the date of the divorce records filed, ex husband contact information, ex wife contact information and the reason for giving the divorce. The divorce records that were created by any federal and local government are easily accessible by the public through the physical files or online listings. You can access Indiana Divorce records for free. But for free searching it can take very long time to provide the out put. We can get a collection of the names of law years, financial planners and other divorce professional as well as articles on child custody, child support, alimony and property and debt division. You will also be provided with the access of other state specific resources, products and services.

The petition for the Divorce is the most vital document filed by the willing spouse with the Indiana court. It is that document by which the spouse will request the court to legally terminate the marriage under the specified logical grounds. The district court shall grant a decree of divorce under some specific circumstances such as No fault-based grounds like the incompatibility between the both parties. The fault-based grounds are the failure to accomplish the material conjugal duty or obligation, mental illness or incapability of one of the spouse.

The mental incapability or the mental illness shall require the following criteria:

1)    Confinement of the spouse in a place for the reason of mental illness over 2 years
2)    The negotiation of the mental illness by the court while the spouse is confined in any institution

Search for Indiana Divorce Records County by County

There are some documents that are mandatory for the court to initiate and finalize the process of the dissolution of the marriage, including:

  • Indiana Filing Instructions
  • Petition foe the divorce
  • Marital settlement Agreement
  • Schedule for the visitation
  • Family Court Information Sheet
  • Request for Notice
  • Affidavit of appearance and Waiver of Rights
  • Decree of Divorce
  • Stipulation to Incorporate Settlement Agreement
  • Affidavit of Children's rights
  • Custody separate statement
  • Non-Military Affidavit (If appropriate)
  • Financial Report
  • Child Support Calculation Worksheet
  • Instruction for the Child Support Calculation

If the records are filed within the past 15 years, it is easily accessible. But in case of the divorce case of more than 15 years old, there may be an extra charge for the extensive search of the case records. The divorce records of more than 15 years are called archived records and then an extra fee is charged for the through search. We will inform you in advance that your records are not found easily and we are going to search it thoroughly. So an extra charge is going to be charged from your credit card. Whenever during the search you will provide any kind of extra relevant information that will be very much helpful for us in the search. The delivery of the search may take long time as it depends on the availability of the court records and the work pressure of the Indiana court system.

Generally it takes 7 to 10 days to confirm whether any divorce case3 was filed or not. Then it will take another two weeks to prepare the copy of the divorce records if it is requested, otherwise we will send it by mail or by fax. The following is the list of information we need to conduct the search of the divorces of Indiana:

  • The Husband's full name
  • The wifes full name
  • The date and time of the divorce
  • The relation of the divorced with you
  • The purpose of your request

Generally the Indiana county divorce records are made up of two components, the divorce decree and the divorce records. A divorce decree is a statement of the rights and duties of the both parties. It is a final summarized document stating the basic information of the divorce, the involved parties, the divorce date, the case number and the terms of the case. The divorce records are the legal pages of the divorce. For a complex divorce record, the pages can be two hundred long. To receive exact results what you can do is to provide huge information as you can.

You must provide the following information:

  • Your full name and address
  • Your contact number for any type of queries related with the divorce
  • The proper mailing address to send the copy of the records
  • The type of records needed whether in hard copy or via mail