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North Carolina County Divorce Records

All North Carolina county divorce records are regularly updated by the clerks of the courthouses of the respective States and counties. These state and county Divorce records contain information about the form of divorce, the divorce decree etc. They are authentic and confidential and of immense benefit to individuals, legal professionals and other law enforcement officials. A Record of Divorce is a legal court account of vital information in a divorce proceeding. These records contain details of the decree of divorce, the divorce form, the parties to the divorce, the date of the divorce etc.  Divorce records are public court records that can be legally accessed for the purpose of checking into the marital background of a person. They are a reliable source of verification and they are very helpful for the purpose of viewing divorce records from a single source.

In North Carolina either party to the divorce suit must be a resident of the state at least six months before the filing of the divorce suit in a competent court of law. The divorce suit is filed in that county where the party to the divorce suit resides in. North Carolina is a equitable distribution state in which the divorce courts take the responsibility of dividing the marital property of the couple in a fair and just manner taking into consideration the interests of the parties in the absence of any kind of mutual agreement between them. In the cases of child custody, the needs of the child are taken into account. For alimony and maintenance the North Carolina Courts examine certain factors that include any kind of marital misconduct, the income earning capacity of the spouses to the divorce suit, the age and the health of the parties to the suit, the duration of the marriage, the standard of living of the parties etc. The decision of the courts differs from a case-to-case basis.

All the courts in North Carolina update and maintain public records of all the court cases that have been heard and tried under them. The clerks of these courts regularly update them for the sake of public review and access. These records are available on request. If one needs to gain access to these records he no longer has to take painstaking efforts to find them. All legal documents of the United States of America are treated as public records of the state and they can now be easily accessed from a single resource base. This online database enables the person to search for North Carolina Court Records without any hassles. Divorce laws are a part of family law and the divorce courts of North Carolina keep details of these divorce records. The divorce records of North Carolina maintain accurate information about the date of divorce, the grounds of divorce, the names of the parties to the divorce, the details of the divorce proceedings etc. They can be searched by using the easy to navigate North Carolina county divorce records by resorting to the North Carolina County map. The divorce records that are kept by the County Courts are the county court records and they are of immense benefit for the purpose of checking into the marital history of a prospective marriage partner within minutes and free of cost.

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The North Carolina County Court records can now be accessed from a single platform free of cost and without any kind of hassles. These North Carolina Divorce Court records are accurate and comprehensive details of divorce cases that have been tried and heard in the courts of North Carolina. They can be accessed online and they can be relied upon for verifying the marital past of any person. The easy to search county search makes it simple for the person to search county court divorce records of any person that is residing in the sate of North Carolina.

One can access the North Carolina divorce records from the secure and confidential database within seconds and avail the relevant information from the comforts and the privacy of one's home. These divorce records are accurate and they can be relied upon for the purpose of verification of marital records of a prospective marriage partner. One may obtain copies of these divorce records if needed and they can access the details of other relevant files and documents of the case with ease. These records are very convenient for those persons who need to access divorce records for the purpose of divorce case reference and research within minutes. The database is comprehensive and secure and one can get the relevant information of any resident of North Carolina with regard to marital background with ease.