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Alabama Divorce Court

Alabama public divorce court records are now obtains from the different online sources. The databases of the public divorce courts are accurate and they will always give you a better access to the Alabama divorce court records. However, there are certain things that about the Alabama divorce court you need to understand. In the circuit court for county, Alabama, the court assign the case number and they have a debt and property division, custody, support and visitation. There are even some primary documents that are required for the complaints for divorces and for judgment of Divorce. There were some essential documents which need to start and finalize a divorce cases and that is according to the Alabama law.

There are even about 10 to 20 documents that are required for the filing process. There are even other documents that are filed in the process and the documents are like Marital Settlement Agreement, Waiver and Agreement for Taking Testimony, Answer, Affidavit of Residency, and Schedule for Visitation/Parenting Time of Minor Children, Affidavit Regarding the Children, and Commission to Take Testimony. There is even a particular time for the divorce, which can be about 30 day waiting period for filing the Alabama Divorce forms and even the Alabama divorce papers.

There are even particular place for divorces and the cases are filled in:

  • County where defendant resides
  • County where spouses resided prior to separation
  • County where plaintiff resides if defendant is not a resident of Alabama

However, in Alabama there are certain grounds on which the divorce cases are filed:

  • Severe breakdown of the marriage
  • Complete incompatibility of temperament and both parties can no longer live together
  • Voluntary separation for over 1 year

There are even certain other grounds on which the faults the divorce cases are based:

  • Adultery
  • The parties living separately with a cohabitation of 2 years without the support of wife or husband
  • The imprisonment for over 2 years or has total sentence of about 7 years
  • Alcoholism
  • Abuse drug
  • Unnatural sexual behavior before or after the marriage
  • Confinement for incurable insanity
  • Wife pregnant by another at the time of the marriage without the husband's knowledge
  • Physical abuse
  • Lack of physical ability to consummate marriage

There are even some cases of agreed divorce which are being defined as the Alabama divorce guidelines and laws and there are even terms of divorces like the Alabama property distribution, Alabama child custody or the Alabama child support. Most of the clients go for an agreed divorce and so both the parties sign on the divorce papers and agree to the terms of the divorce. There are even cases of default divorce cases, which according to Alabama divorce guidelines and the laws, there are even other spouses who signs the Alabama divorce forms and he/she doesn't do anything with the divorce. The cases are default cases where the spouses get whatever he asked for in the original paperwork.

There are even process of filing the divorce cases and for that there are three basic procedural steps:

  • The Alabama divorce papers are to be filed.
  • The spouse should be notified for filing the divorce cases in the state of Alabama.
  • You need to attend the Alabama divorce case hearing.

In case of the child custody, there are three legal terms that are being used commonly.

  • Visitation: this is the plan of the spouse where the children will live and when the children will get to meet the spouse.
  • Legal custody: this is considered to be the ability to decide on the lives of the children by the parents like where the children will attend school and to which church they will visit etc.
  • Physical custody: the physical custody pertains to the place where the children will live and with which parents they will live.

In case of the Alabama child custody, there can also be shared agreements in one form or the other. It is also preferred as the method for the Alabama divorce customers. For sole custody arrangements, then it is actually agreed by both the parties about with whom the children should live. It can be considered as the parental tights which are on the responsibilities of the person. Even in case of shared custody, the child must be awarded with the best of his/her interest.

Alabama Divorce Court Information and Procedures

The Alabama court follows the procedures that are utilized for all the courts in US. There are some common terms that the court follows. There are even information and procedures like the following. There are provisions for the Alabama child support, which states that if the parents are unable to agree with the nature of the child support, there are even guidelines which determine the amount for the support of the Alabama child support guidelines. There are even guidelines which are presumed for arriving on the amount of support in the best of the child's parents. However, in most of the cases the spouses decide on which way will be beneficial for them and in most of the cases the child support remains normal and the working spouses manages the situations somehow. There are even cases of the property distribution which are mostly involved in the uncontested "agreed divorce", where the distribution doesn't arrive with a fight and both the parties agree on mutual decision. The primary concern for the agreement of the property division and that's why it doesn't create any fight when one party will go to the Alabama divorce lawyers and attorneys for any such contested divorces. You can also incur fees of the lawyer in such cases. There can be certain issues on which the property distribution will be conducted.