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Alaska Divorce Court

The divorce cases in Alaska are granted on the basis of the following grounds. Some of the most common conditions on which the divorce court records are granted are:

  •  Failure to consummate the marriage
  •  Adultery
  •  Conviction of felony
  •  Willful desertions for a period of one year
  •  Cruel and inhuman treatment
  •  Incompatibility in the temperament
  •  Habitual drunkenness
  •  Incurable illness when the spouse is confined with an institution for a period of 18 months

Residency and filling the requirements is necessary for filing the dissolution of marriage in Alaska and for the residency requirements that must meet the acceptance of the court. If the court discovers that there are no such jurisdiction rights for hearing the cases then it will not be accepted or it can be eventually dismissed. Therefore, if the spouse who is filing the dissolution of the marriage then he/she must be the resident of the state or of Alaska at that time. Even the person who is serving for the branch of any government officials, then he must be the resident of the state at the time of filing the court cases.

The databases of the public divorce courts are accurate and they will always give you a better access to the Alaska divorce court records. However, there are certain things that you need to follow. In the circuit court for county, Alaska, the court assign the case number and they have a debt and property division, custody, support and visitation. There are even some primary documents that are required for the complaints for divorces and for judgment of Divorce. There were some essential documents which need to start and finalize a divorce cases and that is according to the Alaska law. There are even about 10 to 20 documents that are required for the filing process. There are even other documents that are filed in the process and the documents are like Marital Settlement Agreement, Waiver and Agreement for Taking Testimony, Answer, Affidavit of Residency, and Schedule for Visitation/Parenting Time of Minor Children, Affidavit Regarding the Children, and Commission to Take Testimony.

Alaska Divorce Court Information and Procedures

When it is about the Alaska court records, the clerk or the clerk's offices are considered to be those people who generally manage all the documents and the paper works along with the court. Even the clerk's office keeps all the parties and the lawyers informed about the process and this will; be regarding the paper works. In the divorce court cases there are even property cases, which are being settled among both the parties of the spouses. All the property transactions are being settled among the spouses and this is done absolutely on mutual consent from both the parties.

All Alaska divorce court procedures are subject to federal review, but not appeal. There are even information and procedures like the following. There are provisions for the Alaska child support, which states that if the parents are unable to agree with the nature of the child support, there are even guidelines which determine the amount for the support of the Alaska child support guidelines. There are even guidelines which are presumed for arriving on the amount of support in the best of the child's parents. However, in most of the cases the spouses decide on which way will be beneficial for them and in most of the cases the child support remains normal and the working spouses manages the situations somehow.

There are even cases of the property distribution which are mostly involved in the uncontested "agreed divorce", where the distribution doesn't arrive with a fight and both the parties agree on mutual decision.

If the parties don't agree on the child custodies and the on the property division and it is the court who are going to decide on the marital property of the spouses, which would include the retirement benefits and that will be joined either by the hereditary connection or through marriage. It is considered to be just a manner on which the separate and the acquired during the marriage and in the same manner it is related to the parties who is in fault. There are even divisions of property which can be fairly allotted with the economic effect of the dissolution of the marriage and this is being based on the following factors.

The time of the marriage and the life after marriage of the parties who are filing the divorce files. The age and the health of the parties during the marriage on the basis they are filing divorce files.  The income standard or the earning capacity of the person which includes employment skills, work experiences, educational background, training, length of the absence from the job market and the custodial responsibility of the children during marriage. The financial condition of the party which will include the availability of the cost of the health insurance, the conduct of the parties which includes that whether there has been unreasonable depletion in the marital status, the circumstances and all the necessities for each of the party and also the time and the manner on which the party has acquire the property and even the value of the property after the divisions.

In Alaska all the actions for the dissolution of the marriage depends on no fault grounds and it can also due to incompatibility of the temperament that can cause the breakdown of the marriage.  Petition for the dissolution of marriage that includes detailed provision regarding the detailed provision of the custody and for the child support the alimony and the division of the property. Under the Alaska courts, there can be spouses who can be dissolution from the marriage, if there is minor child or if the wife is pregnant and the spouse have agree to have a custody, or to support the children and all the expenditures for the child support will be bared by both the parents. Either they will pay directly or though the child support service division and also including the tax exemptions and laws. The spouses may also separately file the divorce petition on the grounds of the dissolution of the marriage that can be out of incompatibility of the temperament, evidence of separation for a long time or any other reason that has caused the breakdown of the marriage. Even there can be petition of the spouses that will be unable to determine the position regarding the marriage and for the marital property that can be from any obligation or from any other debts.