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California Divorce Court

The California divorce court record services are important court services which are offered by the California courts and this is one of the most important types of the records apart from the birth records, the death records and the marriage records. The divorce records are also considered important as the birth, death and marriage records and they are conducted with a genealogical research. However, many people overlook the importance of the divorce records and in determining the family history. In many cases, it is about the learning when a couple split up and it is quite important to know actually why they get into marriage.

For the people, who are looking for divorce in the state of California for them, there are several guidelines on which they will be able to make the online search for effective and fruitful. Even though California has only few rules about governing other public records like the birth, death and marriage and all their certificates, it can be important for decrees that are not instantly available about anyone who is interested. In case of the birth and the death records in the state of California, the divorce records are available in two forms: one is the certified ones and the other is the certificate of the records and they both play as a kind of informational copies. There are only certified copies that are available through the superior courts and on the other hand, there are vital records department that can also issue a certificate for the record of the divorce between the years 1962 to 1984.

All the certificates of the records may contain the names of the people who are being involved with all the data and the county that is being filed. It will not be indicated whether the divorce records are ever finalized in the court. However, the divorce records are always considered as the public records that can help in making up the research more accurate and complete.

When it is about the California divorce court information, the person about whom the divorce records are to be filed should be a resident in the state for a period of sixty days before the court divorce records is to be filed. Moreover, the person has to be at the states for full three months before the final judgment of granting the divorce.  There are certain grounds on which the California law allows the divorces. These are some of the conditions on which the divorce depends are:

  • The person is convicted with a felony or any infamous crime
  • Barbarous and cruel treatment which will endanger the life of the others
  • Where the party at the time of the contract for marriage was and still impotent
  • There are even indignities to the person which will be intolerable
  • Where the husband and wife have lived separately and apart for about 18 months at a stretch
  • Extreme drinking habits for the past on year
  • Either party has also committed adultery and that are subsequent to the marriage

California Divorce Court Information and Procedures

Although you can access California Divorce Court information online, it may be necessary that you should know about the process and the procedure of the California court information and this will give you a general idea about how the process takes place. While beginning the divorce cases within the state of California, there is a general idea about how the things proceed. Each divorce cases are different and there are different issues between the spouses. For beginning the divorce states of California one of the spouses can file a petition. The person who files the petition is known as the "Petitioner" and it must serve the Divorce petition.

When the spouse is being served the person has a period of about 30 days for responding to the letter. The document also tells about the court that responds to the wishes of the two parties, who want to participate in the proceedings of the divorce cases. The person may also find the responses, they are known as the "Respondents". In case the respondents fail to responses then he/she is being served with the paper works of the divorce and case proceeds without for the Respondent's Participation. The petition prepares for a judgment and submits in the court. The petitioner request concerning custody and it visitation, the child support, attorney fees and the division of property. After six months and after one day respondent is being served, the divorce sets into final segment. If the respondent files, the parties exchange documents and other also other information.