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Florida Divorce Court

The Florida divorce court is an authorized legal body that has the jurisdiction of hearing and deciding proceedings that relate to the annulment of marriage between two persons. They are responsible for dismissing the marriage of two people and for rewarding alimony. These courts are under the branch of family law and they are empowered to grant the decree of divorce to the parties. The Florida divorce court records can be simply accessed online from a secure and confidential database which is available online from the comforts and the privacy of one's home. The database is very easy to access and these records can be relied upon for the purpose of marital case history verification and checks on marital background.

These divorce records are very helpful to individuals to need to conduct a search on prospective marriage partners. Online Florida County Divorce Records Search is very cost effective and time saving and the persons can get hold of the required information within minutes. One no longer needs to take painstaking efforts to publicly access these records. One can get the relevant information in seconds and they can be relied upon for their accuracy and comprehensive nature. They are updated records and one can rely upon them for legal verification without any hassles.

Florida Divorce Court Information and Procedures

When someone is going to file a case of divorce in the Florida courts, any of the spouse must be the resident of the Florida and there are even member of any of the armed forces who is stationed in Florida and then only the person can file a case in the Florida divorce courts and that act is a known as the "dissolution of marriage". The spouse can get the divorce either by stating the divorce papers or may be it is because of the irrecoverable differences between the two persons that have caused a breakdown in the marriage. In in case the spouses are in a type of agreement then there should be a divorce and they can get agree in writing that where the marriage has ended. If there is a any such minor child who is involved in the process and if in case one of the party denies then the marriage will be irretrievably dismiss and then the court may also get in touch with a marriage consultant, a psychiatrist or a psychologist and they should continue with the counseling for a period of three months.

The legal process of the divorce of the divorce starts when one of the spouse files for the "petition for dissolution of marriage" along with the family department and within the local circuit courts. There are even the other spouses who are served with the paperwork and there is a given time to respond. If the parties are into the agreement about the debt division and the property division and if in case there is a mater of child custody and child support matters and if the divorce is being finalized without a trail, then the parties can come into an agreement and the court will set a specific time for themselves and the hearing is usually conducted in any time in the future. After the petition for the dissolution has been filed, the either party can ask for a temporary request and the court in the form of the temporary custody or for community debts.

In case of Florida all the assets and debts which have been acquired during the marriage are called the marital assets and it is to be divided equally when you are into the divorce and all the property are to be equally shared when there is a divorce and the property is known as the "marital assets" , but not all the property can be considered as marital assets, like for example the assets which have been acquired before marriage is considered as non-marital assets and they are not to be divided equitably. All the income that is being produced by the property investment is also known as the non-marital properties. During the division of the property, the judges will be distributing the marital assets equally and unless there is a justification for an unequal distribution like the following, there won't be any unequal sharing.

It is quite necessary to collect all the information for all the property that is all about the property and this includes details of the account number and the serial numbers as well. The first type is called sole legal custody where one parent has the exclusive right to make decisions of the child. Joint child custody allows both the parents to make decisions of the child and no parent has superior rights over the child. The alimony of the parties to the suit depends on the grounds of divorce, the ability of the parties to pay, the work status of both the parties, the duration of the marriage and other factors. The Florida Court is also empowered to issue restraining orders to either party as well.

The Florida court records information can be obtained from online records as well. There is a comprehensive database, from which you can obtain such records and they are more accurate and can be easily available. The Florida Divorce Court Records can be conveniently accessed from a secure and confidential database that you can get from the government sites and from other private sires as well. Most of the online records are available from the different resources like the following link. You can get all the necessary information from this link from the link you even get all the child custody records and even the property distribution records as well.