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Hawaii Divorce Court

The entire petition for the dissolution of the marriage is a kind of the initial document that you can obtain from the Hawaii court. In this document you can get information on the dissolution of the marriage. In this document you will find information about the spouse that will request the court for terminating the marriage under some specific grounds. The family court of Hawaii will have a decree of the divorces on the following grounds:

  • All the records are records are being irretrievably breakdown of the marriage
  • The people are living separately for the last two years
  • The people are living separately for a decree of separation
  • All the people are living separately apart from a continuous period for a period of 2 years and there are no chances of the relation to be resumed.

When it is about the Hawaii divorce court information, the person about whom the divorce records are to be filed should be a resident in the state for a period of sixty days before the court divorce records is to be filed. Moreover, the person has to be at the states for full three months before the final judgment of granting the divorce.  There are certain grounds on which the Hawaii law allows the divorces. These are some of the conditions on which the divorce depends are:

  • The person is convicted with a felony or any infamous crime
  • Barbarous and cruel treatment which will endanger the life of the others
  • Where the party at the time of the contract for marriage was and still impotent
  • There are even indignities to the person which will be intolerable
  • Where the husband and wife have lived separately and apart for about 18 months at a stretch
  • Extreme drinking habits for the past on year
  • Either party has also committed adultery and that are subsequent to the marriage

Hawaii Divorce Court Information and Procedures

Although you can access Hawaii divorce court information online, you should know about the process and the procedure of the Hawaii court information and this will give you a general idea about how the process takes place. While beginning the divorce cases within the state of Hawaii, there is a general idea about how the things proceed. Each divorce cases are different and there are different issues between the spouses. For beginning the divorce states of Hawaii one of the spouses can file a petition. The person who files the petition is known as the "Petitioner" and it must serve the Divorce petition.

When the spouse is served for the person who is for a period of 30 days and this time is for responding to the letter. Document also tells about the court that responds to the wished of the two parties those who want to participate in the divorce proceeding process. The person who responds are known as the "respondents" and this is about the respondent's participation. The person will be served with the paper works for the divorce. There are even the petitioner requests which is concerning the child custody, child support, attorney fees and fro the division of the property.