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Illinois Divorce Court

The courthouses are maintaining the divorce records and the subject who is a legally divorced is verifying them. The court information indicates about when and where the divorce filings are being made, and there you can also get the names of the parties who are being involved in the proceedings and there you can also get the case numbers which case numbers. If divorce records are found, you may not search more for documentation and from the file. You can also get important information of the courthouses that will help to issue the court cases about the domestic violence and about the restraining orders; it is also about the child custody and also about the property or any other settlement issues. For more information on the divorce records you can also get comprehensive and do you will be able to get the information about accurate results. Then even you can perform the general searches with that of the first name and the last name and also with the birth date, you will be able to get more accurate information on the divorce court records.  

For filing the petition or for the dissolution of the marriage in Illinois, it is important that you should be sure of the circuit court records that have the jurisdiction over your case. The most common ways in which the spouses are eligible for the uses of the specific court system by which you can meet the residency requirements. While meeting the Illinois residency, there are even requirements which are being typically for the concern of the spouse who has moved or one who is planning to move in the near future. However there are some foiling requirements for the Illinois divorce court cases. The court will always enter into an agreement for the judgment of the dissolution and also for the marriage which will keep the residents for few days or if the person has a military service while even for them they have to stay for a period of 90 days. All the proceedings in the county are made within the defendant residence and for the plaintiff. The entire petition for the dilution of the marriage has an initial document that is being filed with the Illinois courts. In this document you will also be following the spouse request for terminating the marriage on some specified grounds. Some of the grounds on which the divorces take place are:

No fault basis: living separately or apart for a continuous period for at least two years of age and there can be some irrecoverable differences that may cause a breakdown of the marriage. Some of the fault-based grounds on which divorces could be taken are:

  1. Impotence
  2. Previously married and never divorced
  3. Adultery
  4. The respondent has willfully deserted or absented himself or herself from the petitioner for the space of one year,
  5. Habitual drunkenness for at least two years
  6. Drug addiction for at least two years
  7. Repeated and extreme physical or mental cruelty
  8. Felony conviction or imprisonment
  9. Infection with a sexually transmitted disease

Illinois Divorce Court Information and Procedures

All the information regarding the Illinois divorce filing and summary of the divorce papers that are being typically filed under the family law and for the domestic relations clerks. There is an overview that is not intended for an exact step-by-step process. In Illinois divorce court cases; there are irrecoverable differences that describe other jurisdiction which are known as the No-fault divorces. This means that there is a difference in the irretrievable breakdown in the marriage system and there are even some past reconciliation which have failed and there can be future efforts which will be impractical and not in the best interest of the family. Divorce cases are also been granted as the seven major fault grounds that involve the mental cruelty, adultery, alienation of affection, physical cruelty, drug addiction or drunkenness, infection of a sexually transmitted disease and conviction of a felony.
While in the other states, both the no fault and the fault divorce can either be contested or may be uncontested, there are even no fault divorces which will move through the courts and will be more expensively and quickly. All the filing procedures for both the no fault and the fault cases divorces are considered to be identical and in Illinois the person filing the case should be at least the resident of the court for about 90 days and that should be before 90 days. in an no fault action, the divorce is granted when the couple lives apart for about 2 years and there is no minimum waiting period granted for divorce or for petition.
In the state of Illinois the filing procedure of the court cases, there are some minimum steps that should be taken.
  • File a petition for divorce in the Circuit County Court. This is called the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.
  • Notify the respondent that he or she has been sued and this can be done with Summons.
  • Get a hearing date.
  • Prepare forms needed for the hearing.
  • Attend the hearing.
  • Follow the judge's order.
The divorce process than begins with filing the petition and for the dissolution of the marriage and it must be served with summons by the private process server or by the sheriff. When the divorce is uncontested then it should be finalized with a small hearing where only the petitioner is to attend and even there are fee which is different for each country. Other than the simplified divorces, there are even some other requirements for the petition.
The name and the occupation of the person, his/her address and the period of time he/she is staying in the residence.
  • The date and the place of the marriage
  • Another divorce case is pending in his/her name
  • The spouses are residents and they meet state's judicial requirements
  • There are no grounds for divorces
  • The wife is pregnant
  • There are arrangements for support, for custody and for visitation of the children
  • Arrangement for any spousal support
One of the parties to the divorce suit must be a state resident of 6 months and a county resident of at least 30 days before filing the suit of divorce. Illinois is a community property state and if the parties to the divorce cannot come to an agreement than the assets are divided equally between the parties. In the case of child custody the Illinois courts look in the psychological and developmental well being of the child. Child Custody can be temporary custody or legal custody.

For more information, you can always check into the online resources from where you can get accurate database of information about the Illinois divorce court records for any of the person. You just need to give the name and the address and you can get the desired information online within minutes. You can log on to this link for further information and can check out the different records regarding the Illinois court records.