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Maine Divorce Court

A person who is seeking for filing the complaints of the divorce, which is for the district, courts and there are certain conditions on which the residency requirements of the Maine divorce courts are being fulfilled.

  • The plaintiff is being resided in a good faith in this state and it will be for about 6 months which is prior to the commencement of the action
  • The plaintiff who is the resident of the state and the parties who is being married in the state
  • The plaintiff who is a resident and all the parties resides within the state and there is a cause on which the divorce is being accrued
  • There is the defendant of the resident of the state

There are also some legal grounds for the divorces, which is granted for one of the following causes:

  • There can be differences on the marital differences
  • There can be cases of adultery
  • The man could be an impotent
  • There are evidences of extreme cruelty
  • An utter desertion is being continued which is conducted for about 3 consecutive years and this has happened before the commencement of the action
  • The conformed and the gross habits which is for the purpose of intoxication and this is due to the use of drugs or liquor
  • There were no supports from the any of the spouse who has sufficient ability for providing the other spouse and refuses or cruelly neglect suitable maintenance for the complaining spouse.
  • There were cases of abusive and cruel treatment
  • There can be cases of mental illness that requires confinement in the mental institution that should be at least for the commencement of the action.

The divorce court cases of Maine also has jurisdiction for entering into a separate decree and that could be on the basis of the following grounds.

  • There are even some petition of a married person who want to live apart or from separated from the person's spouse for a period of about 60 days
  • Legal separation can also be possible when both the parties decided to live apart  for a period of sixty continuous days

There is even some special court procedures by which it takes care of the child custody when the divorce court cases actually happen. The child custody case is a request for taking the best case of the child and two parties or any one of they should bare all the maintenance and expenses. The court gives orders to investigate into the circumstances and the situations of the child's upbringing and for the child's parents. There are even some mediation or some kind of counseling requirements, which involves certain cases as well. If one of the parts alleges that there are irrecoverable differences between the two and there are opposing parties who denies the opposition, then the court on its own motion or any of the other party can continue with the case which is to be investigated and counseled by any of the professional or by a specialized counselor.

The Maine court records are now being obtained online and there are different database which will help to keep the database accurate and that will always give you a better access for the court records. Even there are certain things that you need to follow. The Maine court assigns with the case number and there can be issues regarding the property divisions and debts and it is also for the purpose of the support, custody and visitation. When you are going for filing cases for divorce, there are certain documents that you need for processing the essential documents. There are even ten or twenty documents which are required for the filing process and there are even documents which are filed and the documents like the Marital Settlement Agreement, Waiver and Agreement for Taking Testimony, Answer, Affidavit of Residency, and Schedule for Visitation/Parenting Time of Minor Children, Affidavit Regarding the Children, Commission to Take Testimony. There are even 30 days waiting period that are filing for the divorce. There are even other places and there are other places that are being filed in:

  • County where defendant resides
  • County where spouses resided prior to separation
  • County where plaintiff resides if defendant is not a resident of Alabama

Maine Divorce Court Information and Procedures

In case, if the divorce court cases are not contested, then there could be testimony for any such corroborating witness. Like all the states, there is a unique filing procedure and when you are filing the divorce court cases in Maine. There are some specific rules and some guidelines on which there are some divorce requirements. You can also visit the Maine's status from the different site that is being provided on the basis of certain information and there are even some certain criteria that will adhere to the Maine laws and its related information. All the courts of the Maine allows divorces for the couple on the basis of the incompatibility and on irrevocable differences between the spouse and where the property and the assets are being distributed among the parties which are being involved in the case, where the property and the income of the person are being distributed among the parties. The courts even take into account about what they determine about the alimony and about the property issues of the parties.

The property is considered to be a joint property in case of the Maine and there are faults which determine the case of the alimony and of the property issues of the parties. In Connecticut the property and the income of the spouse is considered to be the joint property of the couple and so the courts in Maine take the fault determining factor in these cases. One of the parties to the divorce suit must be a state resident of 6 months and a county resident of at least 30 days before filing the suit of divorce. In cases of the child custody, the Maine property cases of the divorces can come top the agreements that are to be equally divided between the two parties. This is the case of the child custody that deals with the psychological and physical development of the well being of the child and it is about the legal custody. Both the parents can decide temporary custody and they can reach a mutual agreement with regard to the child or children. The legal custody of the child enables a parent or both the parents to make legal decisions for the child with regard to general welfare, education, religion and health. Legal custody of the child can be of two types. The first type is called sole legal custody where one parent has the exclusive right to make decisions of the child. Joint child custody allows both the parents to make decisions of the child and no parent has superior rights over the child.

For more I formation, you can always check the different online resources that will help to get an access to the different online records of the Maine's divorce records. There are even some great databases that are considered to be accurate and they provide with the cheapest services of accessing the court records for the purpose of the online divorce records.