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Massachusetts Divorce Court

All Massachusetts divorce court cases deal with the divorce cases that are filed under the jurisdiction of the state of Massachusetts. There are court clerks at all the courthouses that take care of the maintenance of the court re cords. These Massachusetts Public Divorce Court Records are now available online for people to search for them. This was not possible a few decades back when the records were maintained manually. All the court records were handwritten or typed and then entered into separate files bearing unique case file numbers.

These files were then stored away in lockers but there was a serious problem with this method; there was frequent loss of information. The reason is that there was lack of proper storage facilities and even at times it resulted out of official negligence. These problems were greatly overcome with the use of computers and Internet technology. Now, it is possible to get the Massachusetts Public Divorce Court Record can be received over the internet as there are a lot of websites that are offering this service. These websites have built huge databases of Massachusetts Divorce Court Records for us to search. The search through these databases is like a cakewalk and one can get the information pertaining to a particular divorce court record. 

Learn About Massachusetts Divorce Court Procedures

You can now get the details about the Massachusetts divorce court locations and procedures from the websites that are offering their databases for the divorce court record search.  The websites that offer the free Massachusetts Divorce Court Record search are the most reliable and secure source to search for all the above information.

One needs to go through the following procedures before they can be awarded a legal divorce under a Massachusetts Divorce court:

  • Filing of the divorce suit
  • The court tries to find out whether there are any valid grounds based on which it would provide divorce to the couple.

The Massachusetts divorce courts hear and try the cases in which one of he partners in the divorce suit was a resident of the state for a minimum period of 1 year before filing the suit. The filing of the suit is treated as a petition that seeks to dissolve the marriage between the two partners.  There are two broad grounds on which the court awards divorce and these are fault based and no fault-based grounds. In the no fault grounds the court can provide a divorce for irreconcilable between partners. The fault-based ground includes the following:

  1. Gross neglect of duty
  2. Fraud
  3. Adultery
  4. Impotence Abandonment for at least 1 year
  5. Imprisonment and Felony Conviction
  6. Insanity for a period of at least 5 years  
  7. Extreme cruelty
  8. Addiction

In conclusion it can be said that accessing the Massachusetts Divorce Court  records is the easiest and the most efficient way available to us.