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Mississippi Divorce Court

The Mississippi divorce court hears and tries the cases that are filed in the state of Mississippi. All the courthouses in the state maintain the court records and there are court clerks at each of the courthouses who are entrusted with the job. It is now possible to get hold of the court records over the internet and we can even search for the Mississippi Public Divorce Court Records of our choice. Mississippi Public Divorce Court Record used to be maintained manually and all the records were either handwritten or typed and these were stored in separate files that had unique case file number.

As there were no proper storage facility that could prevent the files from, being damaged, so there were many instances of files getting destroyed. This was completely eliminated with the use of computer and digitization of the Mississippi Divorce Court Record. Nowadays, there are a lot of websites that are offering Free Mississippi Divorce Court Records and have made the search for the records a cakewalk. What one needs to do is just type in the Mississippi Divorce Court Records search keyword and the files would be retrieved from the secure and large database.

Learn About Mississippi Divorce Court Procedures

Mississippi Divorce Courts hear and try the cases that are filed under its jurisdiction and all the records for the cases are also maintained in a systematic manner. The people who want to get access to the location of the Mississippi courts can find them in the websites that are offering the Free Mississippi Divorce Court Record search. There are also the websites that provide the complete information on the court procedures and it is possible to avail both the search as well as the procedures from one single reliable platform.

The Bill of Complaint for Divorce is the initial Document that is used for the divorce suit.  Divorce Courts in Mississippi hear and try only the cases in which one of partners have been a resident of the state for a period of at lest 6 months before filing the divorce suit. In the state of Mississippi is governed by the state divorce laws and one needs to fulfill all the requirements before getting the divorce. The divorce grounds are the fault and no fault grounds based on which the divorce ruling is granted. The No fault ground for divorce is irreconcilable differences or if the couple has not been cohabiting for a period of 1 year. The fault-based grounds include the following:
a) Adultery
b) Addiction
c) Willful desertion
d) Habitual intemperance
e) Intolerable cruelty (mental and verbal)
f) Imprisonment for a period in excess of one year
g) Bigamy
h) Mental illness for at least 5 years
i) Fraud
j) Refusing to move to Tennessee with a spouse and willfully absenting oneself from a new residence for 2 years
k) Cruel and inhuman treatment
l) Indignities to the spouse

Mississippi is referred as a title state and in this system the court distributes the property to the party to whom the title of the property belongs. The court tries to find out the party to which the title belongs for the different properties and then divides the same accordingly. Alimony is also a clause that is included with the divorce wherein the other provides one of the spouses with financial support. The court also looks upon Child Custody and visitation rights and it tries to find out the best solution keeping in mind the best interests of the child. The parents may be asked to attend parenting programs so that both the parents can build a concrete support system for the child.

Online search for the Mississippi divorce court record is the most effective and quick way to get hold of any record of our choice. In conclusion it can be said that the choice of the smarter people is the online search of court records.