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Nevada Divorce Court

The Nevada divorce court  records are the records that contain all the details of the divorce cases that are filed, heard and tried in the Divorce courts of the state of Nevada. The information contained in the divorce court records contain the name of the spouses, names of the children, the addresses of the spouses, the date of marriage, the date of annulment of marriage, the grounds of divorce and also the telephone numbers of the spouses. One can avail these records as they are considered to be public i.e. any citizen of the United States of America has the right to get hold of the information related to a particular case. The records for the divorce can be availed by submitting an application with the court clerk who is responsible for the maintenance of the records. This is a very time consuming procedure and also is a costly one but online search for the Nevada Public Divorce Court Records is not at all a costly proposition and also saves you from the hassle of waiting and manually submitting the application at the office of the concerned clerk.

The Nevada divorce court maintains all the records of the cases that comes p for hearing and now the database of these records can be availed over the internet. The Nevada Divorce Court Records can be used to carry out background searches for the marital history of a person and can also serve as a means to know the grounds on which one's parents or grandparents got separated. Companies and prospective Bride/Groom to know more about their prospective life partners also use these records. There are many private websites that are providing us with the unique opportunity to search for the court records from their large and exhaustive database. This Nevada Public Divorce Court Record is available from the secure databases that are being made available by the private websites. The websites buy the databases from the government and this is the reason why there can be no doubt about the data being authentic and validated. The databases are also regularly updated so that only the latest data is available over for the search.  

Learn About Nevada Divorce Court Procedures

Nevada Divorce Courts allow the couples to be divorced after one of the partners submits the divorce suit and the other acknowledges the same. The plaintiff or the defendant must be a resident of the state for a minimum period of 6 months before the filing of the divorce suit. The state of Nevada is an equity state and that means that all the assets and properties are divided in a fair and equal way that is deemed fit by the court. The court also decides about the child custody and support. The Nevada court records contain the information about the ground of divorce and the grounds of divorce that are allowed by the Nevada Court are desertion, addiction, irreconcilable differences, extreme cruelty, adultery, incompatibility of temperament and personal indignities. Childcare and support along with custody are also decided upon by the Nevada divorce court. the court takes its decision keeping in mind the best interest of the child and also passes orders for both the parents to share the responsibility (both financial and personal care) of the child.  

All these records and procedures can also be learnt in the websites that provide the search option. One can also locate the Nevada Divorce Courts and the tasks of finding the courts have become a cakewalk. One can expect to get all the information from a single platform and that also from the comfort of their homes.