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New Hampshire Divorce Court

There are several divorce courts that hear and try the divorce cases across the United States of America. All the courts in the United States of America maintain the records of the cases that come up for hearing. Under the state trial court system of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire divorce courts handle all the divorce cases. The Family courts have the jurisdiction to hear and try the divorce cases that are filed. The New Hampshire Divorce Court has jurisdiction over cases like the divorce, annulment, alimony, child custody, child support and paternity. The divorce courts maintain all the records pertaining to the divorce cases that come up for hearing. 

The New Hampshire divorce courts maintain all the records of the court proceedings and other details pertaining to a case. These are the records that can be accessed by the general public as they are considered to be public records. There is a special official placed at all the courts that look after the New Hampshire Public Divorce Court Records.  Making a request to the concerned court official can access New Hampshire Public Divorce Court Record but this takes a little time to get the records. Nowadays, people can access the New Hampshire Divorce Court Records over the internet. This was not the case even a few decades back as all the records were maintained manually. The courthouse officials maintained the New Hampshire Divorce Court Record either by writing down the details or typing. It was not so easy to get hold of the records, as there were frequent cases of loss of data due to the damage of the files. Since the files were maintained manually, so natural disasters and other things took a toll on the files. Often the files got lost or damaged due to lack of proper storage or loss of data.

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