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New York Divorce Court

The New York divorce court also maintains its court records and one can get access to the court records by making an application to the court clerk. The court clerk is the designated official who is responsible for the maintenance and updating of the records. One needs to submit an application with the court clerk in order to avail the records pertaining to a particular divorce case. 

New York Divorced Court hears the divorce cases that are filed in the state of New York. The plaintiff or the defendant has to be a resident of the state at the time the divorce suit is filed with the divorce court. The plaintiff is required to bear the fees of the case filing; the defendant needs to acknowledge the court proceedings within a certain period of time. The court can annul a marriage on various grounds like desertion, extreme cruelty, adultery, incompatibility of temperament, addiction, personal indignities etc. At times the parents need to attend the parenting seminars that are arranged by the court and one may also have to draw a parenting program in order to chart out the future plan of the child. Child Custody and care can also be included with the divorce cases.

The records pertaining to the divorce cases that are filed, tried and heard in the New York Divorce cases are maintained and updated by the court officials. Submitting an application with the concerned court clerk can access these records. The court clerk is the only person who decides and carries out the disbursal of the information.

Learn About New York Divorce Court Procedures

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