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North Carolina Divorce Court

The North Carolina divorce court also maintains its won records for the divorce cases that are heard and tried in its courtrooms. The court clerk maintains the records and he is the only person who disburses the information pertaining to a particular court case.

The North Carolina Divorce Court handles all the divorce cases that come up for hearing in the state. North Carolina Public Divorce Court Records generally contain the general information like the names of the spouse, names of the children, addresses, contact numbers, date of annulment of marriage etc. The divorce can be sought on various grounds like excess violence, sexual harassment, imprisonment, adultery, addiction etc. Besides these the North Carolina Divorce court also decides on the child custody and child support and care. All the North Carolina Divorce courts maintain the general public can access the court records and these. The way to get hold of these records is to submit an application to the Court Clerk and then on the approval of the request, court record documents are issued. This is a time taking procedure and it requires the people to cough up a particular sum of money every time they seek separate information.

Now, there are numerous private websites that are helping people to get access North Carolina Divorce Court Records from the comfort and safety of their homes. This is the reason that more and more people are using the online method to get hold of the information in a quicker and safer manner.   

Learn About North Carolina Divorce Court Procedures

People search for the divorce court records for various purposes like genealogical research, employee background check, checking the past records of a prospective partner, knowing more about one's parents. The North Carolina Public Divorce Court Record can now be searched over the internet and this has been made possible only because of the digitization of North Carolina Court Records. Even a few decades back the information of divorce court records were maintained manually i.e. the details of the court records or proceedings were either handwritten or typed. This system of record keeping had a serious flaw; it resulted in the loss of information over a period of time. Yes, there are many instances when records were found missing and this was mainly because of the lack of proper storage system or official negligence. After the introduction of computer and later the Internet technology, divorce court record keeping method experienced a sea change.  

It is possible to get the Free North Carolina divorce court records without any hassles and most of the websites are offering this unique opportunity for free of cost. Yes, you do not have to pay a penny in order to get hold of the North Carolina Divorce Court Record. One can also locate the North Carolina court records by visiting the websites and searching with the names of the names of the courthouses in the state of North Carolina.