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North Dakota Divorce Court

The North Dakota divorce court also maintain the records of the divorce cases that come up for hearing. This not only includes the details of the court case but also the proceedings. The divorce court records are updated with every change that takes place pertaining to the case. The general information that one can get from these North Dakota Public Divorce Court Records are the names of the spouses, names of the children (if there are any), address of the plaintiff and defendant, date of marriage, date of annulment of marriage, grounds of divorce etc.

The North Dakota divorce court hears and tries all the divorce court cases that involve filing of the divorce suit to the settlement of child custody and support issue. The North Dakota Court cases and their court records are all stored in a proper manner by the court clerk. One can get al the information regarding the court records by applying to the court clerk. These records are often required by the people who want to know more about their parents, prospective partner's past or even want to go for a background search. There are many people who want to use the North Dakota Public Divorce Court Record for the purpose of genealogical search and these people can get the divorce records as old as a century. 

Learn About North Dakota Divorce Court Procedures

The North Dakota Divorce Court procedure involves the filing of the court cases by the plaintiff who should be a resident of the state for at least a period of six months. One can also be granted a divorce if only they have been residing in the state for six months prior to the decree of divorce. The grounds on which one can be provided a divorce in the state of North Dakota are Extreme Cruelty, Adultery, Desertion, Neglect, and conviction of felony, addiction and irreconcilable differences.  The state of North Dakota is a equitable distribution state and this implies that the property as well as the debts in a fair manner if not equally. All property including the distribution of the property, inheritances, gifts and other assets are distributed, as the court deems fit and fair. Either of the spouses can be asked to provide alimony by the Divorce Courts in North Dakota so as to support the other and the payments can last for life or for a determined period of time.  The North Dakota court also decides on the child custody and support while keeping in mind the best interests of the child.

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