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Oklahoma Divorce Court

The Oklahoma divorce court hears and tries the cases that come up for hearing in the courts. The records pertaining to the divorce cases are all recorded and maintained by the designated court clerk. Earlier the process for recording the court details was manual i.e. all the records were either handwritten or typed before being kept away in separate files. These files were stacked away according to their cases file numbers. There were some major problems with the files that were stored and there were frequent cases of loss of information. Most of the cases files had information that was permanently lost either due to lack of proper storage facilities or official negligence. This was a big problem before the advent of computers. Soon computers were introduced for the purpose of record keeping and all the data were digitized. All the data were pertaining to the Oklahoma Divorce court were kept in digital databases that facilitated easy storage and quick retrieval.    

Digitization of the Oklahoma Public Divorce Court Records has ensured that the records are stored for a longer period of time and also they could be retrieved without any hassles. The Oklahoma Public Divorce Court Record is now available over the internet as there are many companies that are providing these services. These companies have bought the large databases from the government and are offering the general public a chance top get hold of the Oklahoma Divorce Court Records at the click of a mouse. Now, it is possible to search for the court locations as well as the details of the divorce cases that are filed, heard and tried in the Oklahoma Divorce Courts. These websites are offering Free Oklahoma Divorce Court Records that can be availed from the comfort of our homes. We get the unique opportunity to search for any Oklahoma Divorce Court Record without having to submit any application. The biggest advantage is that we can make multiple searches from one single platform. The companies that are offering these websites for free public use have made the search for the Oklahoma court records really easy. 

Learn About Oklahoma Divorce Court Procedures

The websites that offer the free Oklahoma Divorce Court Record search are also the best available sites to get information about the Oklahoma Divorce Court procedure and information. The Oklahoma divorce courts hears and tries only those cases for which either of the two spouses had been a resident of the state 6 months prior to the filing of the divorce suit. The divorced case is filed in the county courts within the state. The filing spouse requests the court to terminate the marriage based on certain specific grounds. There are basically two broad grounds based on which the court provides a divorce and they are fault based and non-fault based grounds. Under the Non-fault based grounds the court can provide a divorce for the incompatibility between two partners. The fault-based ground includes the following:

  1. Abandonment for at least 1 year.
  2. Wife pregnant with another man's baby without the husband knowing it at the time of the marriage
  3. Gross neglect of duty.
  4. Fraud.
  5. Adultery.
  6. Impotence.
  7. Imprisonment and Felony Conviction.
  8. Insanity for a period of at least 5 years  
  9. Extreme cruelty.
  10. Addiction

The divorce procedure for the state of Oklahoma Divorce court comprises of the following procedure: 

  • Filing of the divorce suit
  • The court tries to find out whether there is any valid grounds based on which it would provide divorce to the couple.

The websites that provide information about the divorce court records are also good resources to find the information related Oklahoma divorce court procedures. One can access all the information free of cost. The information provided on these websites is accurate.