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Oregon Divorce Court

Oregon divorce courts hear and try the divorce cases that are filed in the state of Oregon. There are court clerks at each of the courthouses who record ands maintain all the court records on a regular basis. Anyone seeking to get the Oregon Public Divorce Court Records has to submit an application to the concerned court clerk. The Oregon divorce court Records are now available online and this is the most efficient way to get hold of the court records. This was not possible even a few decades back as all the records were maintained as well as disbursed manually. The records were either handwritten or types and then were stored away in separate files bearing unique case numbers. Due to lack of proper storage technology or negligence, there were frequent cases of loss of court records from the files. This problem was particularly overcome after the introduction of computers and digitization of the court records. Now, it is possible to store as well as retrieve the court records in a jiffy.
Private Websites have taken up the task of providing the Oregon Divorce Court records have now lend their assistance in the search of this public record. There are many websites that are offering their exhaustive and large databases to be searched for the Oregon Divorce Court Record. These websites have been bought from the government and are being made available to the general public to facilitate the search for the Oregon Court Records. These websites have the most accurate and authentic records, since these are being bought directly from the courts. Most of the websites are providing Free Oregon Divorce Court Records and are not charging any money for even the multiple searches. This is the biggest advantage of searching the Free Oregon Divorce Court Record from the comfort and security of our homes.

Learn About Oregon Divorce Court Information and Procedures

The location of the Oregon Divorce Courts and details about the court procedures can be found from the websites that provide the search option. It is very easy to get hold of the information and one has to provide only the search keyword like the name of the divorce court and then get the result within seconds.

The Divorce Courts in Oregon hear and try only those cases in which one of the two spouses had been a resident of the state for 6 months prior to the filing of the divorce suit.  The spouse that files the divorce suit can request the court to terminate the marriage based on certain specific grounds. There state of Oregon allows couples to get a no fault divorce wherein the couple can seek for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Couples can also ask the court to provide them with a divorce and terminate the marriage based on the fault grounds which are as follows:

  1. Abandonment for at least 1 year.
  2. Wife conceives the baby of some other men's child without the knowledge of her  husband.
  3. Adultery.
  4. Impotence.
  5. Neglecting the duty towards he family and children
  6. Fraud.
  7. Insanity for a period of at least 5 years  
  8. Imprisonment and Felony Conviction.
  9. Extreme cruelty.
  10. Addiction.

The state of Oregon is considered to be an "equitable distribution" state and this implies that all the property and debt are to be shared in a fair manner or as deemed fit by the court among the divorcing couple. This means that the assets as well as liabilities are both shared in a proportion that is deemed fair by the court. The Decree of Divorce would also contain the orders for the child custody and visitation orders. The parents may be asked to attend the parenting program to help secure the future of the child.
One needs to go through the following procedure in order to get a divorced in the state of Oregon.

  •     Filing of the divorce suit
  •     The court provides the divorce based only on valid grounds.