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Rhode Island Divorce Court

Rhode Island divorce court handles only the cases that are filed under the jurisdiction of the state of Rhode Island. Ti provides an order of divorce or annuls a marriage for which a divorce suit is filed in any one of the county o district divorce courts. There are also special officials or Court clerks in all the courthouses of the state of Rhode Island and they are responsible of maintaining or providing complete information about the Rhode Island Public Divorce Court Records when requested to do so. Rhode Island Public Divorce Court Record was maintained manually even a few decades back. All the Rhode Island Divorce Court Records were either handwritten or typed and then stored in separate files bearing unique case file numbers.

There was a major problem with the manual maintenance of the records; it suffered from frequent loss of data. The loss of information from the files can be attributed to the fact that there was no proper facility for the storage of files that could help preserve the files from natural disasters or other problems. At times the loss of data was also the result of official negligence. This problem was completely eliminated with the use of computers and the digitization of Rhode Island Court Records. Now it is possible to retrieve any Rhode Island Divorce Court Record within seconds. There are several websites that are providing the opportunity to get access to the Rhode Island Court Record by searching through their huge and exhaustive database. Free Rhode Island Divorce Court Records are now available ion various websites that maintain secure and authentic legal court records. Free Rhode Island Divorce Court Record is the fastest as well as the most efficient search system that is available and one can access everything from one single platform.

Learn About Rhode Island Divorce Court Procedures

The information pertaining to the court location and procedures for the Divorce Courts in Rhode Island can be searched online. The websites that provide search facility for the court records of Rhode Island Divorce Courts also have this facility. It is now possible to get hold of all the information from one single platform. The private websites are the best option available to get all the detailed information pertaining to the divorced cases that come up for hearing and trial in the Rhode Island divorce court.    

Divorce Courts in the Rhode Island hear and try only those cases in which one of the spouses have been a resident of the state for a period of at lest 6 months before filing the divorce suit. The grounds for divorce can be classified into two broad grounds and they are fault and no fault-based grounds. The No-fault grounds offer the couple to get a divorce if they cite the reason of irreconcilable differences or if the couple has not been cohabiting for a period of 1 year. This is more than enough ground to get a divorce but there also fault based grounds like the ones mentioned below on the basis of which divorce is granted:

  a) Adultery
  b) Fraud
  c) Willful desertion
  d) Habitual intemperance
  e) Intolerable cruelty (mental and verbal)
  f) Imprisonment for a period in excess of one year
  g) Mental illness for at least 5 years
  h) Bigamy
  i) Addiction

Rhode Island is an "equitable distribution" state and this means that the parties involved in a divorce suit would be made to share the properties and debts in a manner that is deemed to be fair by the court. All the assets as well as the liabilities are to be distributed equally between the couple. Alimony is also included in the decree of divorce and it implies that it can be offered to any one of the involved parties. Child custody and visitation rights are also a part of the divorce order issued and authorized by the Rhode Island divorce court. While passing this order the court keeps the best interests of the child in mind and looks to it that the child is provided both emotional as well as financial support after the parents have parents have parted their ways. The parents are even required to attend the parenting program designed to ensure better parenting of the child.  
It is now possible to get hold of the Rhode Island Divorce Court records from a single secure platform. The data pertaining to the divorce cases are all authentic and goes through strict verification before being given a entry into the databases. Avail the court records from the privacy and comfort of your house with the help of a few clicks.