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South Dakota Divorce Court

The South Dakota divorce court also maintains the details of the divorce cases that come up for hearing in the court. These records are also updated at regular intervals and are also disbursed to the general public to get a feel of the proceedings and regulations that govern the divorce court cases. The Court records generally contain the information like the name of the spouses, names of the children, address of both the parties, date of annulment of marriage, grounds cited for divorce, divorce decree and certificate details etc.

South Dakota Public Divorce Court Records can be accessed over the internet. The private websites are providing the unique opportunity to provide us the South Dakota Public Divorce Court Record from the comfort of our homes. Most of the websites that offer free South Dakota Divorce Court Records but there are also a few that charge a fee for accessing their databases. South Dakota Divorce Court Record can be used to find out the background of a person along with his/her marital history. This is very useful for the people who are looking to run a background check on their partners. 

Learn About South Dakota Divorce Court Procedures

There are basically many ways to get divorced in the state of South Dakota like divorce, annulment and dissolution. The ground for the annulment or dissolution of marriage is purely no fault in the state and here the irreconcilable differences between the partners is ground enough to provide a divorce. The fault grounds on the basis of which the divorce is granted are    adultery, fraud, willful desertion, habitual intemperance, intolerable cruelty (mental and verbal), and imprisonment for a period in excess of one year, mental illness for at least 5 years, adultery and bigamy. South Dakota is an equitable state, so all the assets as well as the liabilities are divided between both the partners in a fair  

The divorce procedure for the state of South Dakota comprises of the following procedure: 

  • Filing of the divorce suit
  • The court can issue divorce orders only after it finds some valid grounds for the divorce and then only would it order the termination of the marriage.

South Dakota divorce court records can be accessed from the websites that are offering this service. The data fetched from the databases are not only authentic but also the latest available data.