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Virginia Divorce Court

The Virginian divorce court  hears and tries the divorce cases that are filed in the state of Virginia. The court also maintains the records of the cases that come up for hearing and there are special officers called the Court Clerks who maintain and update the court records from time to time. Few decades back, the courts in the state of Virginia maintained the court records manually i.e. either handwritten or typed data were kept in files. These files were stored away with unique case file numbers. This is the reason that wed can find Virginia divorce court records that are even a century old.

The problem with the manual system was that the frequent loss of information from the court re cords and this was mostly attributed to the lack of proper storage facilities or official negligence.  This problem was completely overcome with the use of computers and digitization of the court records. Now, it is possible to avail the Virginia Public Divorce Court Records over the internet. Virginia Public Divorce Court Record search is now being offered by many private websites and that also for free. Free Virginia Divorce Court records are being made available by many websites that are offering their authentic and reliable databases to be searched. These websites are offering Virginia Divorce Court Records the general who can avail this from the privacy and comfort of their homes.

Learn About Virginia Divorce Court Information and Procedures

The Divorce Courts in Virginia require one of the two spouses to be the resident of the state a period of 6 months prior to the filing of the divorce suit.  The divorce is granted on specific grounds and for the state of Virginia these are divided into two broad categories called the no-fault and fault based grounds. The no-fault based ground states that any couple who have been living separately without co-habiting for a period of 1 year or more can seek for a divorce. The fault-based grounds are adultery, addiction, and insanity for a period of 5 years, incarceration and felony conviction, extreme cruelty, neglecting of duty towards the family, impotence and sodomy. Virginia is an equitable distribution state so the assets and liabilities are distributed among the is deemed fair by the divorce court. The court keeping in mind the best interests of the child decides upon the custody of the child.   

One can search the online to find out the location of the Virginia Divorce Courts as this search is being offered by the websites that are providing us with the Virginia Court Records. One needs to log on to any of these websites and type in their search keywords to find the Virginia divorce court record of their choice. It would take only a few seconds to find out the results and you won?t even have to pay up for the same.