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Washington Divorce Court

The instances of divorce has increased over the past few decades and this is the reason that the courthouses of the Washington are hearing and trying thousands of divorce cases on a daily basis. The divorce cases are seeing an increase because modern life has made us very self-extended and we hardly have the time to properly handle the emotional disturbances in our life. We have lost our tolerant attitude and want to settle with only the best. This can be seen if one researches through the court records because the grounds for most of the divorces are not on any grave issues but irreconcilable differences. The divorce court records are the information about the case details and court proceedings pertaining to a particular divorce case. Washington divorce court records can be used to carry out background checks and the marital past of a person. There are numerous websites that are offering this service to the people to get hold of the information pertaining to the divorce court cases that are being filed, heard and tried in the Divorce Courts of the state of Washington. There are a lot of websites that are allowing the general public to get access to the divorce court records. Many people want to check the background of their spouses or want to know about the grounds on which their parents were separated and these can be easily found by going through the divorce court records that have the marital background of a person.   

The Washington Divorce Court records can be availed after submitting an application with the court clerk. A court clerk is the official responsible for the maintenance and disbursal of court records. One needs to go to the respective courthouse and submit the application for accessing the divorce court records. This procedure is time consuming and the court also charges a mall fee for the court records. Washington Public Divorce Court Records can now be accessed over the Internet and there are a lot of websites that are offering their services. These private websites have built huge databases of Washington Public Divorce Court record that can be accessed by the general public. One needs to go the to the websites that offer Free Washington Divorce Court Records for searching and then put in the search keyword for finding the record of your choice. These websites buy the databases from the government hence there is now way that these data are inaccurate. All the data are accurate and authentic because they are directly imported from the court databases. The search through these databases is not at all tough and anyone with basic knowledge of computers can carry out the search without any hassle.   Washington Divorce Courts can also be located from these websites and one can find the accurate address of the courthouses that hear and try the divorce cases in the state of Washington.

Learn About Washington Divorce Court Procedures

It was tough to get hold of the information related to the divorce court records a few decades back but with the introduction of computers things have been simplified. The Washington Divorce Court Records can now be searched over the Internet but do you know what information one can get from the Washington Divorce Court Record? Well, it is possible to get hold of the following information:

  •     Name of the Husband/Wife
  •     Address of the Husband/Wife
  •     Date of marriage
  •     Date of annulment of marriage
  •     Name of children
  •     Address of the children
  •     Grounds of divorce

Apart from the above one can get complete information about the Washington divorce court procedure. The Washington divorce court requires the plaintiff to be a resident of the state for the past 6 months from the date of filing of the suit. The filing of the suit requires detailed information about the plaintiff as well as the defendant along with the grounds for seeking information. The grounds on which the Washington divorce court grants divorces are desertion, adultery, irreconcilable differences, excess cruelty, personal indignities and incompatibility of temperament. There is also verdict on the child custody that follows with the divorce decree and the court rules keeping in mind the best interests of the child. The court ensures that each of the spouses takes care of the financial needs of the child so that the annulment of the marriage does not harm the child.