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Free Divorce Records

You can obtain free divorce records with relative ease. This, of course, depends on the state wherein the divorce was filed. Some states will not allow divorce records to be accessed unless paid a nominal fee. At, we are committed to helping you find all the records you need, for free. Accessing the files, however, may require some kind of payment. 

What Are Free Divorce Records?

Divorce records can tell you great deal about a person. Any given set of free divorce records can contain the names of the former spouses, their current addresses, the terms of their divorce, any and all child custody rulings, and even the reason for the divorce. The key document amidst these records is the decree of divorce. This is the document that legally dissolves a marriage and is then used to apply for new passports, driver licenses, and tax forms.

All free divorce records are private documents, yet they are accessible by the general public. As they are governmental documents, filed with the state judiciary, they are subject to the Freedom of Information Act of 1966 and can be reviewed and verified by any and all curious individuals or corporate entities. Even there are various ways by which you can obtain them like the telephone, fax and walk-in but by far the online sources are considered to be most popular. There are even fees and there are time waiting time for varying in accordance with the mode of the request.

The free divorce records are considered to be one of the principal vital records ands they are under the jurisdiction of the state and the public records by the law which is considered within the overwhelming majority of the states. Even the public records are popular like the divorce records but the later are the most popular ones. The free divorce records online are immediate, discreet and convenient and all you need to input the name and the address of the person in the database and you can get the desired results. When you need information about someone's divorce records then free divorce records search is an absolute welcome!