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Louisiana Divorce Records

The Louisiana divorce court cases are being filed for the divorce court cases which are about filing the complaints by the person and the person should stay for the period of sixty days and then only the court cases are being filed. After when the person has stayed in the place for about sixty days then only the state law allows him/her to file a divorce case in the court of the same place. However, there are certain grounds on which the divorce cases depend and on basis of those the case files are being done.

  • Where the party at the time of the contract for marriage was and still impotent.
  • The person is convicted with a felony or any infamous crime.
  • Extreme drinking habits for the past on year.
  • Barbarous and cruel treatment which will endanger the life of the others
  • There are even indignities to the person which will be intolerable
  • Either party has also committed adultery and that are subsequent to the marriage
  • Where the husband and wife have lived separately and apart for about 18 months at a stretch

For filing a petition in the court in Louisiana, there are certain things which you must make sure that the judicial court cases have the jurisdiction over eth cases. Some of the common ways on which the spouses will be eligible for using the specific system and it can be possible by suing the residency requirements. 

Secure Louisiana Divorce Records Online

As mentioned earlier that all the court cases in Louisiana can be obtained from the different online resources and they are being considered as the title of the action. There are many such procedures for the Louisiana court records and there are different provisions for different divorce related cases. For example the state of Louisiana requires both the parties that will help to complete the affidavit of the financial means. All the property divisions of Louisiana recognize the basic equitable distribution of the financial mean. Even in the Louisiana court there are child custody cases that can be awarded to any of the parents and that decision will be regardless of the sex according to the best interest of the child. All the other property cases, the court and there are non custodial parent who has been awarded visitation which is provided for the scholastic records of the child.

The online database of the Louisiana divorce court records are being secured online and it can access by anyone. Moreover the database contains all the accurate information about the divorce court cases in Louisiana. All the records can be obtained by public from the online resources and the person only need to give the name and the telephone number of the person and he/she get all details of the marital status of the person.