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Michigan Divorce Records

All Michigan divorce records are considered as legal records and so it can be accessed by anyone and any point of time of time for the purpose of reference or for any legal assistance. The divorce court records are quite similar to the birth records, the death records and like marriage records. The divorce court is a body, which has the authority for the dissolution of the marriage, and they have the power to give judgment on the proceedings of the divorce court cases. Previously most of the divorce court records were obtained from the courthouses where the court clerks maintained the records and updated them so that people can obtain any of the current court records and that can be any of the records apart from the divorce records. Nowadays with the advent of the computers, the public records can now be viewed on the different online sites and with just the name and the address; any of the person's marital status can be found with just a click of the mouse.

The divorce court issue writs for the dissolution of the dissolution of the marriage between the two parties and it also grants the alimony for the purpose of settlement. Now all the cases relating to alimony child custody and property distribution which are related to divorce cases can be obtained from the online resources. All the details of the person and his/her marital status can be obtained from the court records. The divorce court records are the court proceedings which have been tested and tried and are heard under the competent court of law which ahs bee authorized for deciding the divorce court cases that is happening between the parties and the court.

All the divorce court cases of Michigan are filed under the Michigan divorce courts and it is about filing the complaints from one person to another. Here there is a provision that the person who want to file the court cases in Michigan, the person has to stay in the place for about sixty days and then only the Michigan law allows him/her to file a divorce court case in that same place. However, there are certain grounds on which the divorce court cases in Michigan depend and accordingly the divorce court cases are being filed. 

  • Where the party at the time of the contract for marriage was and still impotent.
  • The person is convicted with a felony or any infamous crime.
  • Extreme drinking habits for the past on year.
  • Barbarous and cruel treatment which will endanger the life of the others
  • There are even indignities to the person which will be intolerable
  • Either party has also committed adultery and that are subsequent to the marriage
  • Where the husband and wife have lived separately and apart for about 18 months at a stretch
For filing a petition in the court in Michigan, there are certain things which you must make sure that the judicial court cases have the jurisdiction over the cases. Some of the common ways on which the spouses will be eligible for using the specific system and it can be possible by suing the residency requirements. 

Find the State-Based Divorce Records You Need

As mentioned, that the court cases in Michigan can be obtained from the online resources and so you can log on to different online sites from where you can access the state based divorce records. All you need to have a computer and an Internet connection and if you need the print outs, you can get a printer as well. You can get information about any of an individual's marital status from the online sites. The online database is accurate and comprehensive in nature and it can be obtained from any of the websites. In some cases, there might be a fee for the purpose but in most cases it is free. You just need to input the name and the address of the person and you can get the marital status of the individual within minutes.