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South Carolina Divorce Records

For dissolving a marriage officially, a jurisdiction issues a divorce record.  It is true that divorce records are public records; yet most couples don't want to bring their divorce to the public. The reason behind this approach is that they don't like custody battles or are rather hesitant to bring their assets to public knowledge during the time of their divorce.

The divorce records are of much prominence when a person is interested to re-marry. These records are the only evidence that the person is out of his previous marriage officially and is now eligible to re-marry. It not only helps in acquiring information about one's last marriage, but at the same time the divorce records can also be used for reasons such as personal as well as financial.

Divorce records take into account significant information on personal issues as well as information relevant to place of divorce, alimony, children custody, reason for divorce, and much more. The information may be of your immense help if you are carrying out background checks. Divorce is often considered to be as a sensitive issue; hence it would be ideal if you look for the relevant information on your own instead of asking the concerned people straightaway.

Divorce Records are believed to be one amongst the tens and thousands public records that can be accessed at ease in present times. Legislations are in their proper place for mandating the accessibility of this kind of information to anyone and everyone. With the advent of the internet technology, people can look for online public divorce records quite conveniently. Believe it or not but carrying out your search over the internet is considered to be a viable source for acquiring information about divorce records.
In general the divorce records may be divided into two types

  •     The divorce records that can be accessed free of cost
  •     The divorce records that can be accessed after paying a certain sum
The divorce records that can be accessed free of cost are different from the divorce records that can be accessed after paying a certain sum.

The divorce records that can be accessed free of cost was a bit scattered, thereby making your search venture all the more challenging. On the reverse end, the divorce records that come in exchange of a fee are more targeted and at the same time purposeful, especially when we require a professional degree of fidelity as well as detailing. This type of divorce records can be also naturally delivered with direct readiness.

All South Carolina divorce records are considered to be a remarkable example of how vital records help in finding the relevant divorce records. But looking for the divorce records in South Carolina may turn out to be a painstaking venture. If you are looking for the divorce records in South Carolina, you need to first and foremost contact the Office of Vital Records. The Office of Vital Records preserves South Carolina divorce records that are as old as 1962. In addition to this, you can also access the divorce records that are even older than this, say the records that dates back to 1949. However, you need to access these records at the county level.

You can send a mail to the Office of Vital Records for accessing the divorce records. What's more interesting is that you can get hold of this information with a few weeks. However, if you need to get hold of the divorce record all the more early, then you may surely opt for online help. This will make your search venture all the more convenient and hassle free.

Obtain South Carolina Divorce Documents Online

South Carolina preserves the divorce records that are as early as 1962. However, you need to access these divorce records from the state level. You may have to pay a fee for accessing a copy of divorce decree or certificate of the South Carolina divorce record. On the flip side if you want to access a divorce record that is earlier than 1962 but after 1949, then you need to contact the county in which the divorce was approved. 

Obtaining South Carolina Divorce Records Online has now turned out to be much simpler and hassle free. All you need to have for this purpose is the internet. You can access the relevant details of persons who have filed for divorce from the state of South Carolina. The Divorce records include details that have been chronicled by state, local, federal as well as other government agencies. These details take into account rather judicious information such as the number of times the particular person has filed for divorce, date of divorce, ex-husband's and ex-wife's contact number, and the reasons for filing the divorce.