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Texas Divorce Records

All Texas divorce records are of same importance just as the divorce records of other states. In fact divorce records hold the same prominence as the birth, death, as well as other records. Unfortunately, searching for divorce records is quite difficult when compared with other records search. It is because, in case of most states, the divorce records can be accessed only at the county level and not at the state level. 

If you want to obtain information about Texas divorce records then you will have to contact the Clerk of District Court of the place where the divorce was approved. The Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics also maintains an index of divorce records. This index are as old as 1968 and permits the Bureau for issuing verifications, nonofficial documents which confirm that a divorce did take place and inform the researcher the place as well as time when it was declared official. In addition to this you can also access these records from the online public records.

A jurisdiction issues a divorce record to dissolve a marriage officially. Though divorce records are regarded to be public records yet there are quite a few couples who don't want to publicize their divorce.

The divorce records play a viable role when a person wants to re-marry. With the help of these records one can know whether a person has come out of his or her previous marriage or not.

These records also include viable information on personal issues in addition to the information associated with place of divorce, children custody, alimony, reason for divorce, etc. The information also helps when we need to opt for a background check of people. Divorce is often believed to be a sensitive issue; hence avoid going up straight to the concerned person asking about his or her divorce. Instead what you can do is conduct an online search for this purpose.

Find the State-Based Divorce Records You Need

Divorce records are preserved in state office in Texas from 1968 to till date. If you are willing to look for a certified divorce certificate or decree of Texas, you need to contact the county where the marriage license was issued. You can also contact the County Clerk of that county. Divorce records before 1968 are preserved in the office of the district clerk in the county where the divorce case was filed.
The information available on divorce record indexes is as follows:
  • File number
  • full name of the husband
  • Age of the husband
  • First as well as the middle name of wife
  • Age of the wife
  • Children ( if any) below eighteen years of age
  • Date of marriage
  • Date of divorce
  • County code
  • County

Divorce indexes may not be considered as legal documents and are only used for helping you to locate the divorce records on which they are based. If you think that a divorce contains an error, you need to contact the office of the County clerk in the county where the divorce case was filed.

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