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Washington Divorce Records

Of all records, the divorce records may turn out to be a bit more difficult to locate. But for those looking for Washington divorce records are in a safe position. It is because Washington State preserves divorce records on two levels i.e. at the county level as well as at the state level.

In terms of the state level, the divorce records can be accessed with the help of the Center for Health Statistics that preserves records as early as 1968. At the county level, you can access the records from the County Auditor. You may perhaps find it a bit difficult to contact these offices but once you succeed to do so, chances of accessing divorce records before 1968 are quite likely.

In America, the divorce related issue is primarily managed by the state, although was proposed that the federal legislation would be take up the charge of protecting the rights and the responsibilities of the spouses. This was inclusive of the guidelines for child support, child support division, health insurance coverage, deductions of alimony and much more.

In majority of the divorces cases, the spouses need to file a petition with the family division judge of the county court. Divorce decrees may not be granted till queries associated with property; children as well as finances are solved. After the issue of a divorce decree, the Freedom of Information Act will provide help in accessing the divorce records and that too free of cost.

A jurisdiction issues a divorce record in order to dissolve a marriage officially. Divorce records are same as the public records. However, there are some couples don't want to file a divorce publicly. They do so thinking that it will help them to maintain a safe distance from violent custody battles. In addition to this, they also adhere to this approach because they don't want to bring their assets to the forefront at the time of their divorce. 

The divorce records are of immense importance, especially for those who are planning to marry again. With the help of divorce records one can come to know whether a person is free from his previous marriage or not. Once a person is freed from his previous marriage, he is eligible to re-marry. Not only this, divorce records can also be used for personal as well as financial reasons.

As we know that divorce is a sensitive issue, hence we should always look for the needed information online instead of walking up to the concerned people and asking him directly.

Written requests for Washington divorce records are accepted both at the state as well as at the county level. But, there are many researchers who prefer online public records as compared to the written requests. It is because with the help of online divorce records one can simplify his search to a considerable extent.

The divorce certificates of Washington that dates back to the year 1968 to till date can be accessed by contacting the state office. For accessing the certificates prior to that you need to contact the County Clerk in the county of the place where the divorce was approved.

Secure Washington State Divorce Documents Online

Check out some of the divorce documents in Washington that may be filed in case of an uncontested divorce. These documents are of immense help in case of starting as well as finalizing a divorce. In addition to those mentioned below there are many divorce documents that needs to be taken into consideration.
  • Case Information Cover Sheet
  • Washington Filing Instructions
  • UCCJEA Information Sheet
  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Joint)
  • Addendum to Confidential Information Form
  • Confidential Information Form
  • Sealed Financial Source Documents (Petitioner)
  • Financial Declaration (Petitioner)
  • Sealed Financial Source Documents (Respondent)
  • Financial Declaration (Respondent)
  • Child Support Schedule and Instructions
  • Proposed Parenting Plan
  • Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Child Support Worksheet
  • Final Parenting Plan
  • Note for Dissolution Calendar (Non-Contested Case- Option Use)
  • Decree of Dissolution of Marriage
  • Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
  • Order of Child Support