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Wisconsin Divorce Records

Accessing a couple of basic information about divorce records is helpful for conducting genealogical research. Fortunately, this information is regarded to be public record, implying that any one can access it easily. The same rule of thumb goes for the Wisconsin divorce records as well. Similar to any other state, here too you need to access significant records that will help you in simplifying your search.

In the United States, the divorce issue is primarily controlled by the state, though it had been proposed that the federal legislation would protect the rights as well as the responsibilities as well as rights of the spouses. This takes into consideration the child support division, the guidelines for child support, health insurance coverage, deductions of alimony to name a few. All states will identify the divorce records provided in some other state and each and every state imposes a stipulated time period for filing a divorce case. Before the latter half of the twentieth century, spouses were supposed to present a reason for their divorces. Based on this the divorces were either granted or barred. But towards the beginning 1960s, these laws were bypassed too easily and the no-fault divorce cases were at their peak. New York is the only city that needs a compulsory separation period prior to filing a divorce case. 

In majority of the cases, the spouses need to file a petition along with the family division judge of the county court. Some grounds need evidence while others like no fault, irreconcilable differences, needs to be proven. Some states need a compulsory waiting period for filing a divorce. Fault grounds may still be sought after to try as well as lower the waiting period or affect the divorce related decisions.

Divorce decrees are not granted till all queries related to property; children as well as finances are solved. After issuing a divorce decree, the Freedom of Information Act helps in accessing the divorce records free of cost.

A jurisdiction issues a divorce record for dissolving a marriage officially. Divorce records are synonymous to public records. In spite of this fact, there are quite a few couples who detest the idea of filing the divorce publicly. It is because they want to maintain a safe distance from the vicious custody battles and of course hide their assets from the public view at the time of their divorce.

The divorce records are extremely important, specifically for those who intend to re-marry. The divorce records are the only evidence to show that a person is free from his previous marriage and can now re-marry. In addition to getting hold of information regarding one's previous marriage, you can also use divorce records for personal as well as financial reasons.

Divorce being a sensitive issue, it is always advisable to check the needed information about any concerned record rather than asking the concerned people straightaway.

Get Wisconsin Divorce Documents Online

The Wisconsin divorce records are a bit different from the other public records as they were not registered till quite a long time. In fact, though some counties of Wisconsin did kept a record of the total number of birth since as early as 1814, no records were maintained regarding the divorce cases till October 1907. Hence, looking up for divorce records prior to this date may turn out to be a bit challenging.

Divorce records after the year 1968 were preserved along with other confidential records. Despite this fact, you can access these records with the help of a staff member.

You can avail the divorce documents of Wisconsin from the state office starting from the year 1907 to till date. In addition to this you can also access a couple of records from the year 1857 - 1907 for which you may have to pay a few dollars. Most likely the state office will not provide you any certified copies; however it will inform you from where you can get one. You may have to provide your photograph as well as the specific reason for acquiring a copy.

Some of the Wisconsin Divorce Documents that are available online are as follows:

  • Joint Petition for Divorce
  • Finding of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Judgment
  • Wisconsin Filing Instructions
  • Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Affidavit Regarding the Children (attach to the Petition)
  • Proposed Parenting Plan
  • Parenting Time of Minor Children / Schedule for Visitation (attach to MSA and Parenting Plan)
  • Proposed Parenting Plan (use only if needed)
  • Child Support Guidelines
  • Financial Disclosure Statement
  • Child Support Worksheet
  • Child Support Schedule
  • Request for a Status Conference