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Surviving Divorce

When a marriage breaks down it can be a very emotional ordeal. It is not just the end of a marriage, but the end of a way of life. Despite the eagerness of either spouse to be free, when the court verifies the final decree of a divorce is bound to make both parties stop and take stock of what was just lost. Getting on with your life means surviving divorce.

At, we are committed to helping you make this transition as gentle and nourishing as possible. If there are children involved, this transition may prove to be more problematic and prolonged. You can't rush healing and you can't rush headlong into your new life without dealing with the substantial loss of divorce. Take time to explore our network of affiliated links and sources.

After divorce a major concern of the parents can be the acquisition of child custody rights. The main focus of child custody rights are the well being of the child, the parenting capacity, the psychological and developmental requirements of the child or children. Here the role of psychologists is very important as he or she can aid the couple on how to proceed with the child custody. Child Custody can be temporary custody or legal custody. Both the parents can decide temporary custody and they can reach a mutual agreement with regard to the child or children. The legal custody of the child enables a parent or both the parents to make legal decisions for the child with regard to general welfare, education, religion and health. Legal custody of the child can be of two types. The first type is called sole legal custody where one parent has the exclusive right to make decisions of the child. Joint child custody allows both the parents to make decisions of the child and no parent has superior rights over the child.

One of the most effective means of coping with -- or even avoiding -- divorce is family mediation. A couple should resort to a good counselor or mediator that will help them face reality and sail their way out gradually from the divorce. Children of divorced parents have a lot of difficulties accepting that their parents will never live together again. Most couples need to make a generous sacrifice for the sake of the children and sometimes they need to get over their differences also. Family meditation can make them mentally strong and they will be in a more positive frame of mind to handle confused emotions in the wake of a divorce.

One unsuccessful relationship does not mean that the partners cannot enter a new relationship again. One should be brave enough to meet new people and not be depressed or skeptical into entering into new relationships. He or she should regain confidence, as one failed relationship does not signify that all subsequent relations will fail.

Both the parents for the general welfare and upbringing of the children must chalk out a detailed parenting plan. Both the parents of the child should sit and build a parenting plan together. The parenting plan should include the continuation of the children's recreational activities, school and teacher records, the expenses and insurance of the children, and the visitation schedule of the children. Both the parents should have equal access to these rights and they should protect the children from any kind of disagreements between them so that they are not affected. The divorce of parents is very difficult for children and they are the silent sufferers. Both the parents should keep this in mind for the sake of the mental health of the child.

In some cases, surviving divorce might mean securing a restraining order or an injunction to cease and desist. If, during a divorce case, one of the former partners poses a threat to the welfare of the other, the court must step in. If the partners have children obtaining a restrain order is difficult, as the court will issue orders for the partner to visit the children. One can also protect one's assets from a potentially harmful partner. This restrain order can also help a person to protect himself or herself from unnecessary interference and interaction of the other partner with ease.

Divorce is a phase of life that no married couple wants to endure however there are many unlucky people who face this trauma and land up depressed and frustrated. One should not lose faith in oneself and not venture into new relationships, as the world does not end with one divorce. One should be brave enough to step into new relationships and experience the beauty of life once again.